Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Back....AGAIN LOL

     OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Michael O GET EM!!!! I have been missed and I have missed my blog family DEARLY. I can't believe that I haven't blogged since August, as seriously I still feel that August was just yesterday. I still have tales to tell that haven't come out but those will have to wait. To make this return as quick and seamless as possible I will simply give a rundown of what I am currently up to.

      I am currently serving in Americorps as a City Year Detroit corp member. More on this later but the gist of it is that I work in schools in Detroit, tutoring Math and English and mentoring children to help prevent the high school dropout crisis in America.

     I am currently studying for the LSATs which I am taking on December 3rd so wish me luck, but sadly I can't make Jay-Z/Kanye West "Watch The Throne" concert this Saturday AND I will miss the Michigan v. OSU game in Ann Arbor. If you know anything about me then you are fully aware as to how utterly distraught I am at missing both of these monumental events, no rest for the wicked right?

     I haven't touched my novel "Galfing: A Young Man's Guide" in a few months as I have been consumed with work and ETC, but as soon as this grad school app progress is over I GUARANTEE you that I will be hitting that hard, like Craig/Cass hitting the sheets(o_0 "Oh NO he didn't lol, is that too soon to go there??? LOL) to drop to an agent sometime in the new year.

     I have two NEW musical projects/mixtapes/ divine slices of heavenly wonder, etc slated to drop back2back sometime in the new year. Again, I have been held up by all of this grad school work but BELIEVE me when I tell y'all that this is my BEST work yet and I will be making some waves with this one, can't wait for y'all to hear it.

     As our dear Aubrey "Drake" Rodgers sings, "I aint sex in a LONNG time, I aint sex in a Long ass time baby, I aint had sex in LONNG time, are we sex tonight," so Cass feel free to return the shot I took at you earlier. SERIOUSLY though, isn't it funny what difference a year makes, last summer, or more accurately 2010 I was killing it and Russel was your favorite roomy, NOW I wish I had Russel's sister to play with...LMAO! A few prospects, here and there and I will update more from summer, but I have been entirely consumed with work, but this drought STILL sucks though.

     Last but not least, what brought me back to blogging was a certain CUNT of a girl, with a capital "K" that I work with. I have this belief that you don't have to like me but you WILL respect me as I try to treat everyone with respect but this chick is forcing my hand with her disrespectful and snide comments she makes. It's funny because it kind of reminds me of my beef with Cass last summer, so maybe our relationship can be salvaged but that's to be seen. Her comments have grown to the point that outside of work related business, I have nothing to offer to her, as I am tempted at almost every verb, syllable and Southern twang comment she makes to CUSS her out.  Anyways, I was joking(and if you know me well, some of my best ideas, come from when I am joking) about how to deal with her, I could either resort to cussing her out or not let her steal my joy and simply find the humor in her remarks and keep NOT talking to her. If she's as much a CUNT as I suspect, that will spurn her MORE. So my grand idea was to start a blog, where I simply post all snide remarks and get a HILARIOUS laugh out of them. Hell we could get this thing rolling with any jackass you work with that you can't stand, send me the remarks and I'll post them and we'll laugh our ass off the 1502 way. So stay up for "" because at 1502, we DON'T talk, we do baby!
                                         (A lil somethang I'm working on for the tape..can't reveal the name yet but soon as LSAT stuff is done imma actually leave my house and head to the studio!)

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