Monday, April 25, 2011

"The First Blog Is The Deepest"

    I am now an official blogger with the creation of "MichaelOGetEm!" and I have to give a shout out to the rest of 1502 for getting me on board. Stev with OneADay , Chin with SKOneADay, Cassie with Thoughts of a Receptionist, and Wheeler with "Bueller...Bueller...Bueller..." Haha, just kidding. Wheeler has his own blog with Wheeler. Firstly, getting to the point of actually writing this blog has been a quest in of itself. I've spent a few hours navigating through the endless list of customizable options in the design template. For example, take a look at the header. My curiosity forced me to scroll through EVERY available font option before I could make a choice. Honestly, A LOT of the options are indistinguishable from those that precede. However, I finally had a choice between the quaint and elegant, "Corsiva" or the bold with a unique flair, "Rock Salt." I had to choose the one that best reflects my personality. Which do you think I chose? After this daunting task was completed I next decided on colors, themes, backgrounds, size, layout, etc before I could settle down to actually write this first post. Thus over the ensuing weeks my blog's design might change frequently as I am particular about the things that I like. A humorous side note. I was going to add the "Google Adsense" to generate some income from this blog but the policy guidelines indicates that sites with Google ads may not include among other things, "Adult or mature content" or "Excessive profanity." Well fuck! Basically if you have ever had some fun then Adsense is not for you. So EXCUSE ME for partying Google!

     This blogging thing began at the end of last summer when our lease expired @1502 and we had to move out. After a couple days @HotelArch Stev and Chin took a mini road trip through the midwest on their way back to Illinois. Against my advice, Stev had recently discovered that his "number" was in the mid forties when playing the "number game." This was a shock because it meant that he had forgotten some girls. Don't you HATE when that happens? Even funnier, if it had not been for the aid of Facebook, where he could visually see their faces, I don't think that he would have remembered some of those girls. Isn't technology great? I am sure that this is what Zuckerberg intended when he created Facebook. "Have you ever hooked up with someone and you've forgotten? Join Facebook!" I remember when I told people that I was moving in with Stev and Wheeler for senior year. One reaction that was frequent was one of surprise as Wheeler and Stev were WELL known for their exploits with the opposite sex. Thus when such people questioned me with "Really," it was as if they were trying to figure out how I would fit into the equation. When it came to girls, I had never been "The man" because before high school I had the opposite of game. During high school my best friend Ray was the man and I was just learning to walk. So during my time at 1502 it was a personal challenge to see if I could in fact measure up to these "Gladiators of the galfing arena." Excuse my rhetoric I just finished watching both seasons of Showtime's "Spartacus" and the dialogue is still fresh within me.

     During the fall semester, I assumed that Wheeler was leading the house when he told us that his number was somewhere in the thirties. This lead him into the "break" that eventually morphed into his chronic monogamy stage that consumed him most of senior year. According to a Maxim magazine(And yes, I subscribed to Maxim for the articles as they are well written), couples should NOT play the "number game." This is due to the fact that someone will inevitably get insecure so the article humorously had a formula for figuring out someones real number. For example if a girl tells you that her number is 7 then on average, according to the formula she is really at 11. Likewise if a man tells you that his number is 2, then on average it is really around 7. Of course these calculations vary depending on the individual but I reasoned that if you never counted then you were safe against the number game. Besides it's immature to count, who does that?(Wink wink). However in doing the research for my book "Galfing: A Young Man's Guide" I broke my rule and actually counted. I realized that in one calender year I had nearly tripled my lifetime total by going from the single digits to the high twenties. I calculated the math and figured out that this is a 350% increase and YES! This gave me pause. After getting over the initial shock, I admittedly took pride in the fact that numerically, I managed to out galf Wheeler and Stev during my year at the house. To accomplish this feat, meant that my game had come a LONG way. 

     Thus after graduation, I assumed that I was only a few numbers behind Stev and Wheeler. That second semester, I recall a time when I was on fire! For example, I once went three for three during a weekend, two girls in on day, achieved the stacks, etc. One more month like that I knew I was going to catch Stev and Wheeler would be up next. So imagine MY shock when the news broke that Stev was in the mid forties. I said "Well damn!" "The champ is here!" What the fuck was I thinking? The number that I was shooting for Stev had CLEARLY passed, a long time ago. When he found out, even Wheeler sent a text message from Boston that read, "Damn Stevv!" Stev's explanation was that it was like a video game. Once you achieved the high score of running out of fingers and toes, the game reset and you started from zero again. Apparently he was in his second "reset" and this fact was hilarious. So the idea was that during the road trip he would try to get "OneADay"(Get it) so that by the time he returned to Baltimore he would settle down with number 50. You have to admire my friend in that his logic does indeed make sense. He couldn't stop at a random number like 45, he had to reach a nice, even number like 50. That first road trip was when Stev and Chin began their blogging and so I thought that it was only to document that trip. So this past weekend I was surprised to learn that not only had they continued blogging but that everyone else in 1502 had joined the "blogosphere" except me. I guess "I'm up!"

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  1. "I Guess I'm Up!" Yes indeed there were many highlights to your firs post but that was just a perfect ending to it all. You do have a gift with the words my friend and I look forward to reading about the comings and goings of Michael O.