Sunday, June 5, 2011

National Geographic Presents Michael O: "Tweet Tweet"

          I recently finished the first draft of my book Galfing: A Young Man's Guide. It was a monumental effort that spanned about 5 months in total. As I was doing my research online, I saw a bit of advice about taking a break from writing to the editing process because there is no need to rush things. Rome was NOT built in a day you know. Thus I woke up the other day and had NOTING to do. I was recently let go from my job (something that you'll hear about in an ensuing post) and so there I was ABSOLUTELY bored! At home I don't watch TV because my parents or the children dominate the viewing time. In fact, the majority of my entertainment comes from my laptop. My writing is there, my music is there and my connection to the outside world is there as well. Also, save for going to the library, I rarely leave the house without Ray contacting me, and he's leaving for his internship in a few days. Last week, he took a trip out to Western Michigan University. So as I sat in the house with this self imposed ban on working on Galfing, before I start editing, I realized that this writing process had entirely engrossed me, and now there was nothing to fill the void. I even got on my bike in a mad dash to "get of the house," however, as my odometer indicated 4 miles into my journey, I realized that I had NOWHERE to go and NOTHING to do. I pulled to the side of the road and shook my head at this dilemma because it's kind of sad. Despondently, I turned my bike around and rode home, and in my backyard is where what you about to witness, occurs. I guess this is what happens when Michael O is entirely BORED and left to his own thoughts. I now present my pseudo documentary...


  1. O.M.G.

    We need to get you to Baltimore ASAP.

  2. HAHA! Who you telling..there's no future for me in documentary work???

  3. Hey, I have my laptop working again so I'll be reading it again. It looks like we may be able to tell the Austin wedding story in parallel, that's looking like it's going to be my next post.