Friday, July 15, 2011

Guess Who's Bzack!

          Last night at Charley's it came to my attention that I haven't been blogging in a while. I ventured to Ann Arbor to see little sister and hit up Cass, and as I sit here currently, I am still awaiting a reply(Are we beefing again???) Anyways I walked into Charley's and ran into Serah and her crew. When I look back on 2011, Serah is definitely going to be one of my favorite girls because she helped break me free from she who shall not be spoken of (Harry Potter just came out, I had to sneak that in). However, I hadn't seen Serah in over a month and a half because she contracted that disease that is known as "Boyfrienditis." TERRIBLE. Here's how I discovered this, a  month and a half ago, I was literally about to hop onto my bike and ride down to AA, as we were furiously "sexting." Mid "sext" session, she hits me with, "I have a boyfriend." My reply was something witty but her next text was "You have to stop, because I want to fuck the shit out of you!" I exploded in laughter! What the hell is a red blooded American male supposed to say to that? "Okay, I'll go fold laundry?" Doesn't suffice. So I told her that it was her fault that I haven't been blogging could be true. 

          Here's the thing, I was getting of her so I realized that for a while, I am OVER "nice girls." If they come calling, "Michael O is NOT hiring!" I realized with Serah, there isn't much I could suggest to her and she would not be down. "Let's go rob a bank,"<>"When and where?" "Let's seduce that girl and have a threesome with her,"<>"You or me!"(We actually discussed this about a "LAY YOU DOWN FINEEEEEEE!!!!" neighbor of hers). I digress. This trait is ULTRA sexy, and one that the next girl I'm serious with MUST possess. So there I was, all black and handsome, realizing this about Serah and she came down with the "itis." Happens to the best of us (but I got that antidote when u NEED it gurl!), so I wished her luck and curiously asked her how he pulled her. Apparently, he was charming and great in the sack. Who knew? Here I was thinking girls LOVE non-confident, "nice guys." I guess I should read "Galfing: A Young Man's Guide." What asshole wrote that again??? My professor LOVED the first couple of chapters I sent him and so he responded, "Michael, did you change names to protect yourself legally?" I laughed and responded "Of course I did, what is this amateur hour?" So that's what I've been doing, I had to edit it before it can be sent out for review and so I managed to whittle it down from 115,000k to 100,000k words. This was tedious work and it was hard to stare at a computer screen all day, and then turn around and blog. Also my guy hit me up and told me an A&R at Interscope was trying to transition to the producing side of things so he is looking for some hot, new, original music. So I had to plan the next musical project. I HUNTED all the beats, wrote all the songs and have been networking with various people to help out. It will be 16 tracks and I am employing music from producers who worked for Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, etc, so it will be FIRE! I have a name picked out but I'm not releasing it yet, so stay up for that coming in late August-September. However, as for now, I am back, and I'll blog like I never left.

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  1. Welcome back, in celebration you need to have a song to whatever beat tyga's "snapback's back" song is to. Just think it will be amusing.

    Also save the date. August 4th-7th.

    Other than that, Its too bad the blogging world doesn't get the parts of your life that the bbm world gets, but I suppose that's for the best ha. I've been crazy busy with work so hopefully I can get around to rereading the galfing you sent me because well im sure it will be hilarious again.

    See you soon my man and stay on the grind. Look forward to hearing some of the new stuff.