Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Weekend: The Last Hoorah: (Thursday): "She Did What?!?!?(part 2)"

          With pitcher in hand, Stev and I made our way towards State St and into Blue Front. It was around 6 or 7 in the evening so by 1502 standards, we were on par to the start of a pre-game. We picked up a 24 case of Bud Light and as we approached the counter to pay we noticed a brightly, colored starry sign that advertised a 5th of Three Olives vodka that was on sale for $13 dollars. Now Three Olives is a respectable brand of vodka that usually retails around the $20 dollar mark, so curiosity got the better of us. Plus when you are drunk, you tend to notice bright and shiny things. I looked at the collection of bottles on the counter, and after noting that there was only one flavor I had but one question. "What the fuck is passion fruit?" No one has ever walked up to me and handed me some "passion fruit." I wasn't aware that a fruit could invoke so much emotion that someone actually decided to name it "passion fruit." So I looked up at the attendant and queried him. "Wait a minute! What game are you guys playing here." I told him that I worked in retail thus when something is priced drastically lower than it should be, someone is CLEARLY trying to get rid of it. ESPECIALLY when, just above his shoulder were the rest of the Three Olives brand, lined up among the shelves. I looked at him and said, "Buddy is it that bad? For $13 dollars, I'm drunk and curious enough to still buy it but between me and you, is it that bad?" He started blushing sheepishly like a pre-pubescent girl who has just seen her first penis. He then tried to sell us with a thick, un-American accent and I could see right through this weak attempt. So I looked at him and said, "Cut the bullshit, I already said that I'm going to buy it. It's that bad isn't it?" I observed him try, and desperately fail, to hold back a giant smile as he looked away and started to shake his head. It was too funny so we just paid and grabbed our purchases on our way back to Hotel Arch. 

          As soon as we returned to the basement, we got the music going and decided to tackle the passion fruit first, as Stev placed the Bud Light in the fridge. We poured our mixed drinks and from the instant that the drink hit my palette, I SHUDDERED at the awfulness that was assaulting my taste buds. Stev and I looked at each saying, "That's WHY it's $13 dollars!" We were laughing but it was that bad. So Three Olives if you're reading this I'm VERY disappointed that you would put your brand to such a distasteful drink! You could have fooled me that I was drinking Burnett's, or Mohawk, or the rest of that swill (Don't get me started). Stev and I were in too good of a mood so we decided to press forward and un-passionately drink the rest of this so called passion fruit. On two separate occasions a funny moment arose as Joe and Jack both came downstairs and after peeking in the fridge said, "What the fuck is going on here! You guys have been down here raging for two and half hours and there's only 3 beers gone from the Bud pack?" At first, in my drunken stupor, I was with them like, "Yea! What the fuck!" Who dares question 1502's drinking merits? However, I thought about it and realized that Stev and I had been drinking for a while from Charley's to the bottle of passion fruit that was 3/4ths of the way consumed. After explaining this fact we all had a good laugh. Quick side note: I recently discovered that both Joe and Jack have "John" as their given names. Maybe the next time that I see them I will attempt to use "John,"  but it already seems weird enough by how I've come to imagine them. 

          Stev had  showered first so as he was donning his evening wear I followed suit into the shower. After getting dressed I was returning to the couch to continue our drinking when Stev and I struck  up a conversation that I had no business hearing first from him. I do not recall exactly, but he must have asked me about my first live show, a week earlier on Wednesday. Thus during that conversation I said to him, "Oh yea! Amanda called me right before the show to wish me luck." He replied with, "Oh that's cool. She was actually just in Baltimore and invited me to come out to a wedding reception." (To understand how FURIOUS I'm about to be, you must read the previous posts). I was slightly ahead of him as we were walking towards the front of the basement to continue our drinking, thus when what he said sunk in, I immediately turned around and demanded, "SHE DID WHAT?!?!" Stev continued with, "Yea about 2 weeks ago, she hit me up and said that she was in Baltimore for her friends wedding and that I should come and hangout with her. And actually, like I told her, the only reason that I didn't go was because I was in Atlantic City with Stann for a bachelor party. Noting my displeasure he continued with, "Yea, now I think about it, it was weird how she ended the text with, "Oh yea, me and Mike don't talk anymore." "How did she even have your number," I asked? But I answered my own question as I thought about it. When we had a mini reunion in late January in AA, Amanda had come on that trip with me. At the time I didn't have a phone so I had to text my sister and Stev through her phone. That Friday, Stev was being an ass and not responding to my text messages so her I went out together. It was the next night that all of us hung out and so she only met Stev for 5 hours tops, where she was with me the whole time. Yet this was somehow enough time to save his number? After that trip I remember that Stev told me that he had accidentally contacted that number thinking that it was me, and she told me the same thing so it wasn't an issue. Sadly, it was shortly after that January trip that her and I stopped talking in any form. Stev didn't know because I was suffering in silence and so the only person that knew was Ray when he called me once and asked me how I was doing. Imagine these dates. I'm discovering all of this on April 21st, so save for her calling me a week prior before my first show, I had no contact with this girl since February 15th; and that was over text message. I had not spoken or seen her since the end of January. As our conversation continued, I learned from Stev that after his accidental messages to her, she would randomly text him out of the blue asking him what he was up to and starting random conversations. So when she said that her I "don't talk anymore" that can be interpreted as "talking" in the dating sense. What in fact was happening was that her and I were not even on speaking terms in any fashion, on the phone, text message, Facebook, Skype, instant messenger, nothing! Thus I'm learning that ALL WHILE I'm at home missing this girl something awful, for over two and a half months, she been making attempts to carouse with one of my best friends. IS SHE FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! Here's what made it worse. A week prior, when she had called me to wish me luck on the show, she told me fact after fact from her recent traveling spree, to her buying a new car, to what was going on with him, AND that she had just returned from a wedding in Baltimore. Guess what she CONVENIENTLY chose to leave out? Thus whether she was purposely trying to hurt me or not, one word about trying to hang out with Stev and this would have been a none issue. All I would have sarcastically said is, "That's not cool. Trying to hangout with my boy and we're not speaking," but then it would have been over. 

          I must say though. If your girl and your friends can't get along, then you either need new friends or a new girl, thus I would hope that her and Stev could hangout and have fun together. In fact with my knowledge, her Stev could have passionate sex and it would not bother me one bit. If anything I would be there holding a camera, offering tips, getting them drinks, etc. Stev and I have long been intending to swap partners so sooner or later it's going to happen or at least the Devil's Threesome. This is how highly I regard Stev, he's my "brother from another," it's all love. Notice however, that all of this would be with my knowledge. What kept bothering me was why did she feel the need to conceal this from me? During that phone conversation, she told me everything imaginable except this fact and so it means she PURPOSELY chose to leave it out? So I'm left to ponder why do people tell lies of omission? If I didn't care about Amanda then this would have been a none issue but I was steps from falling in love with girl. This was the first girl that I've even KIND OF opened up to, so it felt like utter betrayal and here was the kicker. She had a friend Jessica that I had actually made out with once upon a time at a summer party, but it meant nothing and all of this was before I met Amanda. Thus I would always tease her saying, "Why don't we call Jessica over and make this a threesome." She would always snap back, "No! That's my friend, it would never be her." Thus the week before my show, Facebook indicated that it was Jessica's birthday. I actually debated wishing her a happy birthday but then I ultimately decided against it because out of respect for Amanda, I didn't want to make it seem like I was carrying on with her friend, when her and I were not even on speaking terms. I respected her feelings on Facebook, online with 1's and 0's, how much more real fucking life? She shouldn't even have had his number so I don't care if she needed Stev to go save some hungry orphans. Those little motherfuckers better learn to hunt, if that was the last resort! I'm being funny but I'm SOO SERIOUS. I don't care if she was in a fatal car accident, and somehow Wheeler was across the street playing WOW, Cassie was foraging for nuts and berries, Stev was eating a watermelon; slowly, and Chin was solving an algorithm or something, with her dying breath she better call Jesus, before she thought to call one of my friends, when "her and Mike don't talk anymore." IS SHE FUCKING KIDDING ME? Notice how there were no mutual friends in that list as these are all people that she would ONLY meet through me; if you call 5 hours "meeting someone." So someone PLEASE tell me if I am wrong? I want to be a bigger man and I'll quickly apologize if I am? Her trying to get at Stev is like me trying to hookup with untouchables like Nicknames, Laura, Camarillo, or Kiph (This one is really shocking as it's a guy so CLEARLY it's for Cassie's amusement :). I was LIVID but I calmly managed to ask Stev, "If anything had happened, would you have told me?" He admitted that he would have and his friend I have to hold him to his word. That's what real friends do. They tell you things even if it will upset you and especially when they are involved. Thus you as their friend can now respect that they came to you, so you may be initially mad but you guys can eventually work it out. This is how it should be. A lot of people like to believe the lie, NOT ME. I don't care what it is. You hurt me now, and let me deal with the consequences or PRAY to God I don't find out through some back channels because that's when I can't help but to get FURIOUS. Making a mistake is one thing, we're human, shit happens, but then to try to conceal said mistake is like adding insult to injury. It's like stabbing me in the back was NOT enough, you had to use the rusted, serrated dagger, in hopes that I catch an infection as well (lol. If it wasn't me, I would be laughing my ass off). I digress. 

          So from my tone, it's safe assume that my night was ruined. As much as I tried to not let it bother me, this was an impossibility in my inebriated state. At Rick's, I was a shade of my former self but there was not an overabundance of girls. I did see one girl on stage that was facing me and so as I went to grab her hand Stev, swooped in, with hawk like precision and grabbed her from behind. CLEARLY he hadn't been out of the game for as long as I, so his reflexes were a bit quicker. It was no biggie as she turned out to be Asian, his first one, so congrats on that (Long Story, but I'm turned off from Asians for a while, I'll explain in a future post). Thus Stev went home with the Asian and I returned to Hotel Arch. I called Ray after 2 am and he didn't pick up, so before falling asleep I brought myself to text her. When I'm trying to get over someone, I delete their number but as she had contacted me last week to wish me luck on my show, I found her number in my log and sent this message. "Ayo y would u hit up my dude in bmore tryna hang out with him??? Talking bout some 'me and mike don't talk no more' if you don't talk2 me u don't talk2 my boys." Before I fell asleep a tightness developed in my chest, that admittedly has been there since I found out, and so it was this somber thought that carried me off to sleep. 


  1. As I was there I won't really comment on the situation because I KNOW how much it killed you. On a lighter note, even though I was there for this weekend I can't help but get excited to read your posts, its like living the weekend over again with your words. While our other blogs can from time to time get you involved, yours truly is a novel, being told one post at a time.

    But just to verify, Amanda, knowing how important she is to you now (as I wasn't around to really understand the relationship you two developed) is def one of those "untouchables" that every friendship has. For that reason, I don't think you are being unreasonable in the slightest, if she took the time to text you in the first place, then talk to you, a simple "yeah i tried to see Stev but he was busy" would have taken most of the sketch away from the situation, unfortunately that wasn't the case.

  2. You know what Stev, "Will you marry me?" It's uncanny how we think. My whole thing was it didn't need to be a big deal and even still I woulda let it go if she responded to me, but it was like the utter disregard for how I felt is what really hurt

  3. "You guys have been raging for two hours and there's only three beers gone!" Hahaha typical judgmental Joe comment